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100 Possibilities

Here’s a remarkable stretching exercise… 100 possibilities. For you.

Check out Kyle Cease in his video “How to Become a Visionary” to understand the premise, and the challenge, and to get a good dose of holy-shit-what? life learning:

Before anything else in the morning, start writing your list. You may think it’s too many, but once you dive in, the excited nerves, elevated pulse, stupid grin on your face, and adrenaline will be intense — the negating voices and reason and practical notions will want to invade. Who cares? Keep writing.

I got… I found… I met… I created… I produced… I earned… I traveled to… I bought… I helped… I donated… I volunteered… I wrote… I starred… I sang for… I danced for… All of it.

Every day. For a week.

We evolve our nervous system, and crack open our potentialities, when we dare to make a commitment to the next level. I know it isn’t easy. I know that the usual, the expected, and the same-old is always there as a spiky, lumpy, stinky pillow to lay your head on.

But I also know there’s more to me, and there’s more to you.

Dive in.

Solvitur ambulando

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