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a feeling, and a diction

choose your words carefully.
get clear on what you want.
don’t believe everything you think.
just let go.
you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

sometimes, my only response to these ideas and catchphrases is: fuck off.

it’s true that the most life-affirming and potentially biochemically shifting ideas can be met, at least initially, with resistance.


what is any resistance born in of? addiction. addiction to certain ways of being and perceiving, feelings, emotions, and beliefs.

here’s a few i am playing with these days:

starving artist
and other such stories. . .

in my mind, it’s fascinating to sit with and pick apart the roots and seeds of an emotion or belief. i’ve analyzed it all to death, but that, too, is an addiction.

we want and need to give it a label, and a face, and an identity. we focus all our energy on the weeds, neglecting the garden. bring on the chemicals. . .

these problems and issues cannot be resolved at the same level of consciousness that created, and thus, maintains them. we will always be pulled toward the unconscious highways and paths most trodden until we begin to make friends with the unknown and unfamiliar.

this cosmic playground has been brutally and wilfully constricted, and restricted. when everywhere you look you can see pain, hatred, violence and fear, you must know and recognize something is dreadfully maligned. this is the grand deception.

it doesn’t matter why. those constructs will fall away as we come into harmony with what is natural, organic, flowing, free, loving, heart-centered and magic.

you are divine, intelligent music, and can practice being more wave than particle and function.

make the effort, and eventually it will become effortless.

break it open.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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