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a soup of reverie

there’s a lot to write about
but it’s all been written
and i can’t stand a hypocrite

i could comment on the weaknesses and interestingness of those who’ve shared my path, but it’s plain as day that facets i abhor, and traits i covet are reflections of my unconsciousness; the gaps and mirrors and apparent voids the mind machine wants desperately to make whole.

i am my purpose in this life, so who was it that could sell me on the idea that it’d never be enough?

none of us are ever alone, if we could just see the broader spectrum.

none of us are ever unloved, if we could just feel with the universal heart.

none of us are ever lost, confused, frustrated, or bored, if we could just sensate and intuit with our natural flow.

the brutal truth of idle hands, is we’re creator beings; we must utilize our limitless energies, lest they be absconded with, manipulated, or nefariously directed by those with poisoned, small-minded, deluded, and predictably childish aims.

it is in our nature to desire, to have passionate means of expression; to be wholly artful in all we be and do. industrialization may have destroyed and subdued much of this, but we’re clawing our way back.

unfortunately, there’s no profit in that, so be aware.

we are borne of the intangible, and the immeasurable. it isn’t an arrogance to state our god-ness. we’ve bought into very big lies, for a very long time. feel your truth.

there is a vast humility in simply observing the symphony — the background players, the leads, the changing faces, instruments, settings and melodies. harmony and dissonance… dissonance and harmony. yin, and yang.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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