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absolutely anything day

rather unlike my usual posts… no f-bombs, esoterica, or melancholy. :) just a random idea from the streams…for those with a clan…though, even if you’re a soloist, this can be a gift for your lovely self…

absolutely anything day

whenever it feels necessary or just for fun, for a birthday or no other reason at all, family members cater to every whim of one of their lot.

could be one day a week, month, whatever, but everyone gets a turn to be spoiled, pampered, and doted upon. doesn’t/shouldn’t have to cost a thing. this is about presence, gratitude, love and conscious attentive giving.

maybe cohesiveness has been flagging. maybe business and life has been distracting and difficult. this one day, is about bringing all of your pieces together, and bringing all the team members in to focus on the one.

love your life

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