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attunement / atonement

these two words are interesting, as are words and language in general. both attunement and atonement regard and refer to sound, or vibration, and frequency, be it “tune” or “tone”. so it’s no surprise they are, in the important ways, interchangeable.

vibration and frequency, our methods of codifying and manipulating light, makes up what our photoreceptors (and their support systems, our perception filters, our state of mind, and our biases) consider reality and that which surrounds and envelops us.

what’s amazing is that even without sight, as with the visually impaired, sounds, vibration and frequency, still allow us to see the world.

and, even without sight and hearing, we would have touch – the first of our five physical senses to develop… a sense based on the numerous nerve endings in our skin, all over our bodies, converting mechanical, thermal, or chemical energy into electrical signals.

beyond that, some suggest there are upwards of seven additional senses we could develop and utilize. imagine. how small and limited have we been convinced that we are?

we still live in some very, very suppressing and violent times. most of us are well out of touch, as it were, with ourselves, never mind our largely inept efforts at healthy relationships with others.

it is only with great effort we come to attune to our truest needs, and to atone for hundreds of generations of imbalance, ignorance, fear and karmic cyclical violence and iniquity.

ceaseless dogmatic, economic, social, psychological and interpersonal pressures have kept us operating at essentially childish levels, and the evidence is ubiquitous these days. we’re unhealthy, stressed, age too fast, live in pain, fear, and worry, and don’t trust anyone.

that’s a formula for control.

we’re also at the turning point, or rather, continuing the pendulum swing away from the old and the broken. we’re quicker to learn, to discern, and to call bullshit, on ourselves, and our fellow adventurers.

but there is much that is wounded that needs healing and reparation. call it forgiveness, or letting go, call it remembering or connecting with what we already know.

we cannot afford to shy away from the fact that we chose to be here, now, at this time and space. we took up the torch, and we can and will take back our spiritual sovereignty.

there are no victims here. science proves again and again what spiritually inclined hearts always knew, that thought is the projection of creative energy. we waste so much of it in our petty distractions and myopic experiments. we waste it in vengeance, blaming, shaming, guilt, and self-reproach.

step back for a minute and witness your power. you can direct it in better ways. it starts with awareness. it’s founded in consciousness. it’s fostered in love.

don’t oversimplify. the universe is beyond our minds, and especially our adolescent egos.

you are more. you are enough. you don’t know what you’re truly capable of, yet you are not responsible for fixing everything that seems wrong about this place. fix only how you look at it. fix how you feel. fix how you vibrate and echo and reverberate. that’s it!

attune. atone. find your song. tweak some of the dissonant notes. sing on.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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