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bricks and sand

you can’t build a life (or a meaningful relationship, a business, or self-mastery) all at once.

you may feel the charge of the inspired challenge, a snootful of infatuation, a resolution to change massively, or want to dare yourself to dive all in…

but if you can’t then maintain that intense level of energy, all the layers of conditioning and programming will kick in, overwhelm and kick your ass back to the beginning, time and again.

or, so it seems. look again.

it comes down to what you value at your core, and how well you are accepting of and connected to your truth – the real one, not the borrowed or adapted one from someone else.

we rarely change fundamentally who we are. or at least, not for long. habits formed can be habits for life. compensatory routines and pain escapism cripples the best of our intentions.

our struggle for love, connection, validation, meaning and fulfilment can leave us wanting, in perpetuity.

but therein lies the essence of a life lived. what’s needed more often is a shift in perspective. it’s very easy to get attached to one aspect of an identity. we are always more.

we are so accustomed to judging ourselves – our progress, our success, our bodies, our minds and our hearts – that we miss out on the present and the gift of what’s here, right now.

go on, dare greatly. dive in. take chances. just don’t fixate on an imaginary finish line.

every step counts, whether forward or back. sometimes we leap, sometimes we fall on our face. so what?

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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