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Bringing it All Back Together

It’s a funny thing, this earthly place. We’re all seeking the same thing, but we need thousands of ways to express it. Science helps, religion helps, technology helps, meditation helps… And stubbing your toe helps.

I believe it’s critically important we hold in our awareness that all of this is here to help us: every living or dead language, every unique belief system, all the ridiculous violence and wars, all the ways our fragile human bodies can be injured or sick or in pain, all the psychological distortions, every emotion, every sensation, and all of the perceivable colors under the sun.

If we were whole, complete, and unified, we wouldn’t have any need for such clunky physicality. We would simply exist out of time and in open spaces, where mental constructs and reasoning would be slow, ineffective, and amusing at best.

When we can truly reframe the reality we play within, we begin to see life from the greater perspective, and can thus more easily trust and surrender.

It’s not the same as giving up. Apathy, and its many derivations, are useful only until we grow up and out of our wilful spiritual stagnation.

It’s giving in.

Surrendering to this grand experiment is the means to fulfilling engagement, deep presence, conscious awareness, liberation from expectations and outcomes, and knowing the divine.

A lifetime will come and go in the span of a single thought, so why not glean all that it can afford us?

Examine the what and why of your complaints, worries, and fears. They are filtering, coloring, editing, directing, and informing your every move in this life.

Look again.

Solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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  1. Erin E Mancor

    well said, trance…i couldn’t agree more with your thoughts!! e

    • Thanks, E. :)

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