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castles in disguise

this day will pass, whether you dreamed a little dream, drew up a plan, took a baby step toward a goal, did what you loved to do, spent time with whom you wanted to, followed through on those tiny impulses, built something with your hands, started into a new book from the thrift store, sang your own beautiful song. . .

or, blamed someone and the world for sucking the life out of you, escaped into a netflix binge, hid under a blanket of woe-is-me, plotted cowardly revenge, attacked your own self in your mind, put it off until tomorrow, worried about things that’ll never happen, worried about all the shitty things that could happen, or came up with an impressive list of excuses to not be, do, have, share, give, serve, teach, learn, strive and dive into life.

tick tock.

we all get tired. we all fail, and try again, and fail, and try again. we get weighted and compressed under our own pressures, expectations, unexpressed or overwhelming emotions and outdated beliefs. we all get stretched to breaking points.

many will die long before their bodies and minds do…and will have the practiced litany for why it is so.

boring. i don’t speak zombie, sorry.

we all choose to be broken, or to break through.

choose again.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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