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After the Long Sleep…

Monday, December 29th, 2014

P1050591awakening is a process, like any other form of developmental or maturation process we as humans get to explore and experience. it’s a phase of spiritual, quantum physical, and sensual expansion. it’s part of the grand cycle of existence as we know it, and we’ve come, once again, to the crossroads. this should be interesting!

one of the challenges of this stage is the balance between understanding and remembering our greater truths, while not invalidating any of that which we have been, and that which being here, in this reality and physicality still offers us. certainly, less and less is relevant, but that is how it always goes (once you learn to walk, you quickly forget about crawling). eventually, even our mortal, flesh-and-bones nature will no longer serve us. but, we’re not there yet. at least, not the majority of us.

the key, as ever, is to minimize uncertainty and fragmentation by heeding our intuitive hits, expanding our awareness, trusting our instincts and integrating all aspects of “self” – to really dive in and benefit from, and flourish within, life on Earth.

every thought carries weight. every feeling is instructive. every choice creates potentials and tangents. there are absolutely no ordinary moments. this truth alone can change your life. embrace it. sit with it. explore it. of what use would “ordinary” be to the universe?

there is music to this madness. the method is in the motion, emotion, commotion, locomotion and dance. as we crack open the space between real and unrealized, physical and not, time and timeless, we always dig down and return to simply now. as much and as often as we wish to live in the past, or dream of a “better” future, now is the crux and creation point, where roads are defined and ideas are mined, where every possible, and probable next step begins.

as we awaken, we become activated, lucid dreamers; conscious creators. our imagination is now merely a starting point, not a limitation.

love your life,


That’s IT…

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

P1020132-9when you truly understand the illusionary aspect of it,
you can let loose the meaning you’d affixed to it,
and recognize the true nature of what it really is:
a reflection;
a construct and representation;
a fragment of a story;
your method of choice, for the moment,
to experience and explore and learn
from what it symbolizes.

that’s it.

love your life,

What You Don’t Want Me To Say

Trance Blackman – What You Don't Want Me To Say

Grate Expectations

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

bring-it-all-back---cover-artworkall our expectations of another ever do is set us up for pain and disappointment – and the more we’re emotionally attached, the deeper the cuts, the sharper the jabs, the thinner the skin…

if we keep expecting them to change, what we must expect is to keep hurting [ourselves]. it’s a tricky thing, but not so complex.

our culture is orientated heavily toward immediate gratification, with an emphasis on what’s in it for me? and me first! – essentially a gross imbalance in the idea of entitlement. their uses are varied, and they can be subtle, though nonetheless cumulative in their negative vibe, eroding genuine connection and isolating our hearts.

these notions have no place in healthy relationships. nor does martyrdom, which is the polar opposite, emotionally; the uneasy mismatch of unworthiness and self-sacrifice:

if i can give enough of myself, maybe they’ll change…
if they can give enough of themselves, maybe i’ll change…

when we both give authentically of who we truly are, we’re free to fully, honestly be ourselves.

where there is space for genuine expression, there is harmonious spirit. allow for love’s simplicity to bring heart-centered clarity. challenge the old, painful habits and impulses (ie. jumping to conclusions, assuming the worst first). question the need to complicate communication. breathe into the healing that’s always available at the speed of thought. know you are safe, always.

we are more. we are enough.

love your life,

Bring It All Back