we live in a reality that seems to serve only extremes – or, we perpetuate a reality where there is the dark, imbalanced, dysfunctional actions, thoughts, manifestations… or not.

perhaps we’re merely trained to ignore or otherwise negate the middle ground. since we all are capable of existing on either side of the fence, we can’t possibly be socially acceptable if we take no stance, no preference, no attachment, either way.

labels such as numb, ineffective, impotent, indecisive, irrelevant, insensitive, immoral, and incapable come to mind – admonishments offered by those who would deem themselves productive, engaged, useful, or busy. . .

they pretend, in general, to be accomplishing and achieving, when busy-ness is just another form of laziness and lacking any true and meaningful efficacy in life. any idiot can fill their schedule, like their mind and their homes, with useless shit.

the “why” is terrifically convoluted in our society at large. we consistently fail at true substance, character, fulfilment and spiritual inquiry, falling time and again into the vast traps of getting and going and winning and conquering.

thus, we do massive harm. look around. look within. we _still_ allow companies and corporations to run the world, and are more easily convinced to take up arms in ignorance toward our brothers and sisters, rather than the truest enemies of man.

if any war was actually ever won, why do weapons still exist? so long as there is an oppressor, or profit, there will be violence.

the persistence of right v. wrong, left v. right, light v. dark, etc., is based on our insistence of adherence to just this version of the potentiality of this dream. it is thrust upon us every waking moment. it is injected into our breakfast before the first bite, before the first sip; we swallow it up and wonder why each day blends into the next.

we are responsible for the scope of our dream; everything is either an opportunity, or an obstacle, and the more we believe that life is merely a mixture of the gray and the bland, the more we bow to the latter.

look again.

solvitur ambulando

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