auto·mobile: self-moving. e·motion: to move (out), stir, agitate.

energy. the force of expression. we encapsulate it, in these fine human bodies. our perceptions of what is in what and how the mechanics work is quite varied and controversial. as we shift away from linear, base-model thinking, and incorporate the finer elements of existence in the every day, the terminology will likely shift as well.

a lot of the new age and metaphysical studies focus upon the mechanics of reality and how we create our worlds, inside and out. we’re getting better at measuring and grasping the intricacies of ideas such as DNA, quanta, light, dark, biology, psychology, etc. we’ll never decode it all, as there will be an impasse (or perhaps a bridge built) as the understanding goes beyond technical and ones and zeroes, to include the feeling, emotion, and the intrinsic. words will fail, and conceptualization will only ever smash up against the limits of precedence, and the mind.

lasting change comes with not only the rudimentary think-this-to-get-that, but with expanded awareness, and an integrated consciousness to our everything. there is a why. we cannot ignore the countless signals, insights, feelings and intuitions if we want to be in our truest expression, liberated. deferring the integration of what arises in the now, only defers authenticity and inherent freedom. there is only now. there is no later.

when you take/make the time to sit and listen, a lot less doing will be necessary, and a lot more being will simply flow – as well as the ease, grace and joy of existing in that space will afford. life doesn’t require us to be so hands-on and manipulative. the insanity of the information age, and lingering industrial age, is massive distraction and persistent overload and agitation through forced stimuli. we can easily be trained into being terrified of quiet and stillness. score one for the machines.

elevate your game. there will always be a “yeah, but…” until we determine to spend most of our time and energy in the proper lane of traffic, where the car will drive itself, allowing us to explore excitement, passion, and desire as freely as a child.

solvitur ambulando
love your life,

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