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disowning monsters

it really is time to uproot the most obvious of the unconscious designs and programs we continue to blindly perpetuate.

we have such grandiose terminology for such simple constructs. “world economic forum” and “global climate change initiative” and others of that ilk. immense sounding ways to talk about money and the weather.

some monstrous, outdated ideas: economy (and economic growth), mass industry, oil cartels, drug cartels, politics, money (wages, taxes, debt, wall street, big banks, world banks; artificial valuation), profit, lawyers, and all the endless, soulless, spineless, meaningless, body, mind, spirit and planet damaging ideas.

if we were to truly take a step back and observe all the insane and life-negating distortions and distractions we engage in every single day, we may indeed uncover the deepest form of depression no one has yet to experience.

or…we realize how badly we’ve been misled and pulled around by the nose, and begin to snap out of the persistent fog.

most of our energy is going into the wrong places, in the wrong ways, for the wrong reasons. that’s enough.

we can disown these monsters. we’re allowed to write and co-create a new reality. we sing, and dance, and laugh, and cry because we are the universe in loving motion.

remember who and what you really are.

love your life
solvitur ambulando

© 2016 Trance Blackman

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