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While reading an article about Immanuel Kant, some ideas came up…

If there can exist such a thing as billionaires and trillion-dollar companies, there is no justifiable reason that every human being (who desires it) shouldn’t have some kind of roof over their head, running (potable) water, a bed, and good food to eat. That, and the opportunity to pursue their interests and aspirations — for their own actualization and for the betterment of humanity — should be considered a bare minimum in today’s world.

Anything else is simply bullshit.

The capitalist system is heavily biased toward those individuals and entities who: understand the rules of the game, care to partake in the game, are usually willing to use planetary and human resources to achieve their ends (under the guise of career, and industry, and the ever-ambiguous “progress”) and are primarily concerned with material gains.

The whole system is designed around the idea of money; we’re conditioned to believe we need to sell our time, energy, and effort to earn the right to live… to earn a living. What a disgusting distortion of reality! Yet, with every dollar we spend and rely on, we choose to perpetuate the madness, and we most certainly feel trapped within it.

Technology will continue to disrupt and displace the work force in many areas of industry. Computers and machines can work tirelessly, for free, won’t show up late, get sick, or need vacations. They won’t need unions or medical coverage. They don’t need money. We can all be laborers, but we no longer have to be. We can choose to work, or not. We can specialize (apprentice, train, or take months, years, or decades to master something), or not.

But we should always be able to eat, sleep soundly, learn about what interests us, explore the world (inner and outer) and feel safe.

In the current climate, we cannot even pursue love, romance, and family without the preconditions of financial considerations, when accounting for notions of providing and stability and hearth and home. Somehow, this has inadvertently severed us from our neighbors and community. It’s all so forced and superficial. Lock your doors!

It is wholly unnatural, and of course it destroys the delicate fabric of our emotional and spiritual states. Of course it does. It is mechanistic, heartless, desensitized, and inorganic.

It must be allowed to evolve. We have argued around the periphery for centuries, yet here we still remain; 2018, and people still have a choice, or lack thereof, that sees them sleeping in their own filth under a bridge… while the soon-to-be automated trucks and trailers move cargo to Walmarts, Costcos, and dollar stores.

We know it’s wrong. We know it’s harmful to us, and our planet. We know it’s imperative to transition away from it. We know it’s possible. We know we are more than this. We know. We know. We absolutely fucking know.

It is time to elevate. It is time for next level.

Solvitur ambulando

Addendum: My original thought, before this flurry of charged rantiness, was that money is never the goal, the aim, nor the end. It is a means. Focus your thoughts, energy, and emotions on the ends: the classes, the travel, the gifts, the freedom, the time, the adventures, the mobile home, the home base… the healthy mind, body, and spirit. See it, touch it, taste it, feel it. Embody it. Immerse yourself in elevated emotions. Love what comes up.

Lead with love.

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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