P1020823December 2016

turning pages; ramping it up

you might have noticed, by perhaps reading some of my blog posts, looking closer at some of my song lyrics, or, perhaps following and reading some of my social media quips, i enjoy delving into ideas once uncommon, concepts and insights in the arenas considered esoteric, alternative, and paranormal; quantum physics, metaphysics, consciousness, spirituality, the universe, and other love-inspired, heart-centered, mystical things.

through living life, i glean insights and observations from books, videos, during long walks in nature or wherever i might be, through conversations or from something simply overheard that triggers a revelation, realization, or impulse that i feel could benefit others on their journey. sometimes they’re intense and peppered with strong language, other times they’re smooth as silky sheets on a summer’s eve. sometimes it’s poetry. sometimes it’s an uppercut to the chin of a belief i strongly wish to challenge in the collective.

i strive to be as authentic as i can, so to put out there what is uplifting, elevating, alleviating of suffering, heart-connecting, and mind-shifting with whom it may resonate.

in esoterica, there are lot of labels, classifications, and functional ideas; purpose-centric reasons for our existence in life, as it were. some of those which resonate with me, or have helped to shed light on my motivations, interests, passions, moods and attitudes, are: wanderer, indigo, second wave volunteer (D. Cannon), light worker, change agent, pisces, fire dragon… these ideas answer – at least to a degree – many questions, and provide fertile ground for many more. i continue to discern new ways to look at my journey, to understand myself, and life in general, every day.

we are waking up. we are divine beings, sovereign and timeless in essence. we’re learning to trust our intuited impulses. things here are changing faster than ever. we’re questioning more of everything that’s “always been” and we’re shaking up our reality to the core. history is being unraveled with new discoveries (of older and older things), and accepted truth is expanding, while at the same time, it’s anchored to something fundamentally intrinsic to the conscious experience: love.

as a collective, we can choose to wipe ourselves out, or we can embrace the deepest truths that reside in our hearts, and align with something greater than what has been before. it’s not merely some airy-fairy, lofty, woo-woo craziness. wanton destruction of each other, and of the planet, and brutal, mechanistic conditioning of our minds and spirits, THAT’S crazy. THAT’s insane!

now we know it.

love your life,