Examining the Fabric

young leaves and light

our busy-ness doesn’t often allow us “spare time” to look closely at that which glues all of… this… together.

but that’s not important anyway. woowoo is handy in times and places where we are disconnected from the rigmarole, unplugged and unhindered by routine, but rather impractical in the day-to-day of being a functional, productive person.

it is somewhat of a dichotomy, and a balance, or lack thereof, of mindless and mindfulness.

the important thing we can remember to blend into our clock-based existence, is a spice that flavours even the most inane of chores – and enhances the colour of even the most vivid of dreams.

it is that knowing; the source of your DNA; the gel that binds; the fuel for the fire of passion.

when you integrate the fundamental underlying principle of consciousness, or awareness, or universal love, it can not only uplift you in a moment of melancholy (or, in fact, help you fully feel your way through it), but infuse your every movement with grace, ease, lightness, and true fulfillment.

merely having a presence isn’t the same as being present. we fragment our energies and focus through relationships and responsibilities, through repeat time-travelling expeditions revisiting the past, imagining or even living in the future we desire and dream of, forgetting that you cannot be in the future, or cling to the past, while living here, now, and benefit from all there is to this moment.

allow yourself the opportunity to strengthen your living, dynamic foundation with an ever-present ingredient; a constant companion, and ultimate cheerleader. bask in the questions “what else is possible?” and “what if?” and take the occasional breath – belly-deep, soul-stirring breath – to bring all your scattered pieces back together.

and again… and, one more.

we use masks, personas, stories, expectations, aspirations, and elements aplenty to try and vacuum up as much of this life experience as possible, yet all of that can be superficial, and unnecessarily transient, if we don’t allow for moments of honest reflection, introspection, integration, gratitude and “huh, i really have done some interesting, life-changing stuff in my time here, so far…”

you exist. that’s quite life-affirming itself, no? everything else is bonus!

love your life,

Give It

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