it seems in our culture that we’re often afraid of getting our hands dirty. the uphill battle of making a living, handling responsibilities and whatever else we load onto our plates is well enough. how can we have time and energy to tend to matters of the heart, spirit, and mind?

what inevitably manifests is complex and burdensome. our struggle with career, providing, or living purposefully is exhausting, so how the hell can any new relationship have a chance to even get an ounce of priority?

we can be sure of what we need, or desire, in a partner, lover, and best friend, but are we available to engage it in any real way?

our society is fraught with fragmented and dichotomous ideas, and it can be mentally and emotionally crippling. the more we pay attention to and dwell in the madness, the further we get from intuition and heart guidance.

we’ll hear from the deep down, yet be paralyzed to embrace it for fear of touching on the sore spots, the raw nerves, and the spent reserves.

thus, we default to making sure we have a way out, or avoiding it altogether, or putting such superficial or insurmountable terms and conditions on it as to virtually guarantee failure, or failure to launch. we broaden the river, and the rainy season has just begun.

we easily (i say easily because our insane society is overwhelmed 99% of the time with information, opportunities, drama, trauma, propaganda and emotional extremism) create the circumstances to keep us busy, and then we die; we can hustle until our last breath, only to realize we didn’t actually learn to breathe.

in effect, we became cowards along the way, because we believed in the iniquity of reality and the sliver of perspective we grasped onto. we put off or avoided the rough waters altogether, and that somehow became enough.

and maybe it would be. but why then, the restless nights, the constant running here and there to glean an ounce of newness and respite, and the unsettled energy inside that says “there is more here for you, if you’re willing”? whose voice is it?

we can’t simply screen calls from our authentic selves. we can numb, defer, deflect or suppress them, but the costs seem far too steep. it’s all gone in a blink. it’s all here for us, now.

the key is vulnerability… showing up fully, laying it on the line, baring our naked selves, with no expectations – the latter being nearly impossible in our culture.

the rewards? perhaps lightness, unity, authenticity, courage, presence, love, healing, elevation, personal accountability, knowing ourselves and owning our “flaws” and “weaknesses” and taking them in stride as hues and tones and shades, but never the entire painting.

look again. listen closer.

solvitur ambulando

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