winter's calmdon’t judge too harshly those who came before you. consciously, we’re all doing our best (regardless of individual decisions, successes, regrets, wishes, or woes), yet unconsciously, well that software engine always knows that if we chose to, we could rise above perceived limitation and selective blindness.

in this age, those who profit from ignorance will always search for ways to keep the old stories and lies going, writing page after page, and re-writing pages and re-introducing stories from eras gone by. all the tools of the trade evolve, and so the games evolve. yet, your awareness – always and forever beyond mere human scope – allows us to transcend the games, facades, and falsities.

truth rarely needs repetition; not nearly as much as the grandest lies require.

and so, with elevated clarity, that chapter ends, and a new one begins. your mission, should you choose to embrace it, is to start from this place; this time; this elemental vibration. start now, with love. recognize and remember that you are all they were, and much more: you carry forth their aspirations, you survive their failures, and you know there is more to the picture than your eyes can see.

defy convention, ignore the noise, see with your heart. be idle no more. stupidity, violence, and destruction are machinations of oppression, deception, low vibration and dysfunction (ie. much of our modern governance). they exist as long as we need them to. so, save your finger from pointing at any one person, idea, or event. instead, grasp the paintbrush, pen, guitar, keyboard, shovel, camera, microphone… close your eyes and meditate on what you would rather it be, than what it appears to be.

love your life,

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