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those fleeting moments, when the circumstance overrides the repetitive, cyclical mind-junk of the everyday… it takes two, to both balance and imbalance the usual suspects, to jar the stagnant politeness, to instigate the otherness, the connected consciousness that transcends thoughts, words, and invasive time.

it isn’t by force. it is by trust and courage. it’s with presence. it is rhythm and dance. it is the power of now.

we discover┬áthese moments, almost always in hindsight, in amongst the ordinary and flaccid, and wonder about the next chance to tap into the stream… if only for another breath, or even a heartbeat.

_ _ _

we live in a throw-away society, which is how much of our story ends up null and void, merely sprinkled with magic, rather than playing and wondering and living curious and open and free. it’s easier to binge, and bicker, to paint only in greys, and escape than to recognize the universe in a grace note.

while the brokenness of yesterday is transmuting and evaporating, it is upon us to become the awakened surfers and conductors and captains and creative conspirators, moment by moment, to take it back and infuse it with substance, meaning, and music… to embody the artist in the everything.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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