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growing beyond

what are you going to be when you grow up? this is a disease perpetrated in our modern era, a psychological sliver and spiritual enslaver. it destroyed a generation, and infected another, but we’re snapping out of it.

it is a direct result of making money a god, implying we need the fiat construct for life. a lie. what do we need? food, shelter, access to books, information, and the freedom to explore. most don’t know how to grow or prepare food, most have no idea how to create or provide shelter, and most rely on Google to think for them. most are content with mediocrity because most are numb to a culture and society handed down to them that’s bereft of soul, drenched in inanity, and struggling with impotence. yes, the old boys bullshit is dying, slowly, and now it’s a clusterfuck of a mess we need to both grab hold of, and shake centuries of dust off of.

think about someone like Leonardo (da Vanci). autodidact. polymath. the renaissance man, of unquenchable curiosity. how alien, insulting, and backward would our educational and industrial and informational society be to him?

it is thus, to us, as well. i don’t know if we realize just how much so. frog, meet pot of boiling water. time to jump out.

i believe a polymathic curiosity is our natural state, when left to breathe, explore, self-direct learning, dare courageously, and think independently. we have to reclaim the raw, dangerous, unpredictable what-is-truly-most-exciting-right-now of life, of every day. we have to find our way back to fuck yeah! or, no thanks.

sit down and delve into your ethereal, eternal self. oh, shit, how? you do it automatically when you let thoughts be, find your breath, and your heartbeat, and real, utterly calm, presence. let some of the bubbles float to the surface. all the worries, fears, and anxieties – while they may have some base in your current reality, all of them are already solved; they couldn’t even exist were there not their immediate completion was imminent. we’re just trained to suffer a rigmarole, instead of trusting ourselves to ease, grace, lightness and flow.

grow out, mature, live ecstatically, laugh until you cry, cry until you heal. let it go, the stress of dysfunctional machines, and black or white perspectives. rekindle the child-like countenance and endless curiosity. recognize the peripatetic insanity of everything up-to-the-second and dwell more in silence and contemplation. your answers await… your presence.

solvitur ambulando

© 2016 Trance Blackman

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