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hey, preacher!

we teach, as we learn, from where we are, now. your struggle, is valuable. your breakthrough, is of benefit to all.

your healing, discovering, discerning, and revelations crack it open for and with the ever-connected collective.

you are never alone. while in the moment when you’re hurting it may not feel like it, just remember that any number of the billions of fellow co-creators in the world are very likely processing and dealing with exactly what has been presented to you.

we’re in this together.

the crotchety, grumpy old man, who knows only how to complain, blaming everything and everyone for his failures and missed opportunities, is just as useful as any “thought leader”… whatever the hell that means.

masters and messengers, collaborators and catalysts come in all shapes and sizes, and frequently hide right under our prejudiced noses.

your journey is certainly exclusive to you. but the story is inclusive of all the aspects of creation that enable you to explore all the shallows and all the depths; without inward and outward reflections and expressions, this life would be utterly flat and subject to the extreme limitations of only what you think you know.

you matter. all of you. look again.

love your life.

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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