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I Do Not Believe

I don’t believe in _____. How do you mean? Even an atheist has to believe that others are theists…and most of humanity leans toward an appreciation of some kind of elevated or unifying consciousness, whether intrinsic, extrinsic, or somewhere in the middle.

I find the idea of organized religion rather specious. I also think we’re not at a level of consciousness and emotional maturity to really grasp the depth of what is meant by and written in spiritual texts. And, obviously, many original ideas and accounts have been distorted or omitted throughout the ages by massive egos, big agendas, and small penises…er, minds.

Beyond that, our use of language is at best spurious and inadequate in these arenas. It’s amusing to consider that creation and evolution are mutually exclusive. These days we have the holographic perspective, epigenetics, quantum physics, emergence theory, and mounting evidence that they are all useful expressions in exploring our fantastic little slice of reality in this version of spacetime.

The world of today is maturing toward inclusion and interdependence. The need to maintain dissolution, separation, polarity, and duality, only promotes continued dysfunction and disintegration. It is adolescent in notion to argue simply from the perspective of psychological and egoic constructs. I would say very few who are passionate about their beliefs have enough substance to truly justify their position; the exclusion-by-ignorance principle is simply not good enough. And, the louder you scream, I have found, the weaker your stance.

Faith that begets any violence, ill will, or judgement is not faith at all. It’s fear. The more extreme, the farther from the spirit of your beliefs you have strayed.

I know my positions and arguments are incomplete. I know there is no way I will finish this journey of consciousness exploration. As it is for everyone else, what’s true for now is just that, and my beliefs don’t require that others believe them.

There is no singular path to illumination, but there is an overriding motivation in all we do: to feel good; to be in love.

Solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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