if we’re in it for the game
we’ll change our name
our face
our attitude

if we’re in it for the chase
we’ll erase
all traces
of gratitude

if we’re in it to win
we’ll be lost
as soon as
we grasp
the prize. . .

if we’re in it for what’s real
we’ll fight for it;
we’ll face our demons
and name them to
reclaim them;
we’ll reopen injuries
to soften the scars and
glean the wisdom
and lessons
on love;

we’ll struggle to find words
for in the silence
is authenticity;
the clumsiness of
thought and forethought
only ever pales in disservice
to flow
presence and
vulnerability: a strength

if we’re in it for the question
we’ll always worry
and wonder

if we’re in it as the answer. . .
the journey provides

solvitur ambulando