i do like the island winters. got home and was soaked through in 30 seconds flat to grab a few photos of the dancing sea. no electricity, but no problem with the wood stove.

the weather varies nicely. a week or two of heavy rain, but general calm, then some torrential rain, and wind, mixed with a few weeks of snow, and serene whiteness on the ground, and then warmer, calm, quiet days of socked in fog… and repeat.

i miss the gray days when the sun comes out, but the contrast is so much more dramatic after prolonged somberness. the persistent verdancy of the coast is good for the heart, and certainly easy on the eyes.

i drove by newly formed lakes in farmers fields, where the swans were hanging out earlier. dodged some new potholes, branches and remnants of freshly blown over trees on the side roads. the rural life is quite agreeable.

nature is endlessly playful, to me. she always awes and amazes, never, ever slowing down too much, nor wasting energy on politeness. she is flow, purely. restorative, resonant, patient, cyclical and without flaw. furious, tireless, ever-adaptive and graceful. she demands respect, and offers harmony… if we will listen.

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