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let it

let it

if you let it
it will break you wide open

in this world (wound)
of artifacts and
it’s the only way forward
upward and
out. . .

it, is through

you cannot appreciate the forest
simply for the trees. . .
enter. . .
old growth, renewal, life, death, rotten lies,
nourishment. . .
rebirth, endlessly
look again!
all is movement. . .
there is no death!

it, is through
and it, is thorough

still you hold on
still there is pain
mutual atttactors
resistance in vain

it, is through
it, is thorough
it, is fractal, open
it will meet you on either side

you are both
and between

courageous, curious explorer
fearless, remember?
fear less

it, is always

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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