i let you go once
a test to be sure
after years of being curious
left wanting

then you came back
i paused and wondered
what’s left to explore here
the heart opened again

at first braver and bolder
more daring and raw
sharing and baring
had dreamt what i saw

but the old and unyielding
surfaced to breathe
pushing and pulling
the fear-ridden beneath

both of us clinging
to the scars and unmended
infecting the sacred
reliving the scare

bad timing

searching for solace
in technical strife
perhaps there is truth there
perhaps they’re just words

a spiritual warrior
so i claim to be
yet this unruly invisible
recaptivates me

in time it will ease

for as i was able
to let it go once
twice must also be
a possibility

we’ll see

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