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these are certainly fascinating times. we can say it’s a renaissance of unprecedented proportions, but within what frame of reference?

spiritually, there is much that is shifting, breaking down, opening up, transmuting, unlocking, and emerging.

whether it’s a grand cosmic cycle, or our planet being in that special place in the universe, again, or it’s a natural process that we’ve reached numerous times before, it’s clear that massive energies are at work now.

but that’s what’s interesting: light doesn’t require work. light is. light is source. light is love. light is beyond. light reveals.

yet, in this place, with light, there is shadow. thus, the work is in peeling away layers of emotional trauma, integrating energetic fragmentation, banishing of malevolent things, and standing up as the original shimmer.

lessons, contracts, agreements, etc., are for expansion, expression, experimentation, exploration, and experience, not to wallow or fester or wither away within. shift.

we designed this ship of consciousness, understanding the wind, the sea, and the guiding stars. we are captains, leading and relying upon a crew of thoughts, feelings, intention, intuition and awareness.

the work is in getting out of our own way.

light it up.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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