there’s a lot of noise out there that keeps us worried and anxious, acting and reacting out of fear…even though we want it to be about love.

we’re conditioned to attach conditions. we’re trained to grade and rate and compare and judge. while it’s important to have standards, boundaries, and preferences, it goes beyond that, unconsciously.

the underlying psychology of lack and avoidance of suffering inherently defines restrictions we aren’t aware of. because of this, we start painting the world in generalities, rather than working from a deep truth and intimacy.

failures, betrayals, traumas, and injuries effect shifts in our confidence and consciousness, usually binding a negative bent onto our perspectives.

cynicism is rampant and pervasive. extremism is no longer a last resort as many feel perpetually backed into a corner. we feel so unconsciously threatened and unsafe that putting ourselves into even more strife and stress – in an effort to escape – becomes a viable, and seemingly necessary option.

life is not conditional. life knows every way and all the ways. life is energy and flow. life is open and free. life is beyond payments and bills and gas prices.

we mustn’t allow the insane and manipulative broken few to determine our breadth of experience, just because we’ve adopted a few dysfunctional programs and ideologies.

we cannot profess our love for another, along with addenda, clauses, prenups, terms and… conditions. it might not work out. so?

imagine approaching life in this way. “yo, life. ima live, for real, but only if you can gimme some guarantees. cool?”


life is a guarantee. it’s duration in this place, is not. you’re here. you woke up today. you have ideas. you have aspirations. you have a clean slate.

you have to dare greatly, or the conditions will own you.

solvitur ambulando

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