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love conquers not

“love conquers all.” please stop with this shit.

love isn’t some giant entity who’s going to bitch-slap all the bad guys, evil doers, politicians, and bullies of the world. anthropomorphizing the eternal, universal, and ubiquitous is insulting, at best, which is in essence what declaring that it will conquer anything suggests.

there’s nothing to conquer, don’t you see? there’s much to unravel, unmemorize, unattach from, yes. but, get it into your head and heart that persisting in the definition of an enemy only keeps the fight alive, forever… how’s that been working out for us so far?

wake up, polarizer.

just like all the “be thankful” posts today, amongst all the dead birds getting basted, and never ending “black friday” ads.

be truthful! you’re afraid, angry, anxious, worried, pissed off, frustrated, whatever. good! fucking BE that, and keep moving. there’s nothing invalid or weak about being genuine, vulnerable and real. it’s the only road forward away from the ancient, archaic and violent ideas such as “love conquers all” and other such nonsense.

you are a divine, creator being. you’re not a victim of anything. we are the power behind the madness, and we’re the solution, should we choose to embody our truth.

love accepts all of it. greed, stupidity, war, planetary destruction, inequality… awesome! don’t like it? step the fuck up and live a new story.

this isn’t to blame, guilt, or shame. this is me saying you are and can embody the answer.

if you need to be reminded to be thankful, to be kind, to be compassionate, daring, courageous, generous and grateful for your life, you’re already lost. you’re working at and below base-level humanity. “they” love having you there so they can keep owning your thoughts (mind, electricity), your heart (creative energy, emotion, magnetism), and your bank account (resources).

it’s time for next level, yes?

love embraces all. period. love will let you play small, and it will let you rebuild a civilization in your own image.

i love you.

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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