it can take half a lifetime to begin to engage in mature spiritual practice and healthful emotional habits, but it doesn’t have to.

the many different environments that carry us into countless paths away from and back to our truths have little regard for calendars and linear progression.

for me, the fear, scarcity, and lack programs can show up and infect an otherwise great day. but, they get easier to recognize, and easier to deflate, reframe, and learn from.

the most powerful of attachments are always those we’ve fueled with the most powerful of emotion.

what’s always fascinating is connecting the dots, linking a present realization (reality reframing) to a past story point — be it in childhood, or adolescence — thus altering the entire passage in between. some can perhaps extend this to past or parallel lifetimes. maybe all of this is part of that greater perspective…

it is in our nature to return to equilibrium. it is in our nature to transcend. it is in our nature to reintegrate, restructure, evolve and elevate.

that which we implement now, can alter our tomorrows, and our yesterdays. every choice has magic capabilities, the reverberations of which will span the ages.

remember compassion, for yourself, and your fellow explorers. and never discount your relevance. all is one.

solvitur ambulando

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