love isn’t missing. love is ubiquitous.

we choose to complicate it; to convolute that which requires no effort, that which is most natural, that which honours our spirit by default.

love is love. it cannot harm. everything we attach to it, everything that comes up by means of it, is our responsibility to address.

love is allowance, acceptance, ease and flow… it is no fool, never abashed, never limited at all.

love laughs dangerously at the game of life. don’t pretend to understand it if you wish to control or manipulate matters of the heart.

while character may indeed be forged through the fires of adversity, perpetually introducing impurities into the alloy will a brittle sword make.

choose to elevate the game, to renounce and reconfigure the spirit-dampening cycles devised by small minds and machines. you are always stronger than the perceived challenges and barriers to a life well lived.

choose love.

solvitur ambulando

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