it doesn’t matter who i want to help, or heal, or fix, or love, if i can’t do it for me.

this journey walks with us amongst the vast orchard of endless abundance, yet we cannot hope to satisfy our vanity by picking that which is unripe, yet we arrogantly try anyway, and wonder why bitterness ensues.

everything in its time and place, with flow, ease, and grace.

a terrible notion, perhaps, in a moment of apparent need, but a truth nonetheless.

the pain, the resistance, the tension is the teacher, yet it may not be as obvious as the switch.

love is the gentle monster that won’t let you alone, ever, as it IS you, in entirety, and holds space into infinity without any concern for trivialities and time.

listen harder, it says. feel deeper, it says. be daring, be willing, be wondrous and be open now and again to recognize that it’s only a perception that makes it seem like life’s a tightrope in the clouds, anchored to fantasy.

birds can fly because they never question it. how often we sever our abilities and aspirations and heart murmurs and passions because we’re taught not only to question everything, but to be cynical about it.

we could all use a good dose of be-easier-on-yourself.

you are loved.

solvitur ambulando