as i see it, there’s no mystery to this. either it’s learned or modeled from parenting or environment, or self-taught or conditioned into us by our own slow-drip poison;

our many choices and actions accumulate like energy, and our physical minds and senses re-create our persistent reality around just that.

our bias – maybe conscious, but likely at least partly not – will favour our usual, practiced choices and routines.

such is the circuitous game we tend to engage when we act without integrity.

yet, at any moment, we can choose to tip the scale – toward the benevolent, authentic, and true. imagine.

malice is a choice. once we grow up and out of the childish constructs, we can immediately return to love, wonder, curiosity and flow.

stop pretending. for most of us, we mindfucked ourselves.

solvitur ambulando

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