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scene: the second wave, part one


This history is transcribed from a place beyond time, language, and mind, read the introduction, as it always did, and continued: However, for the purpose of remembrance, family, and foresight, records will relate at a current level of understanding so to benefit those who may be willing to hear, and to integrate. Goes with lightness, fortune’s song. 

He frowned, then smiled. Interesting, he thought, as he scanned the words and phrases appearing on his glass tablet, smoothly and quietly translating from rows and columns of unfamiliar symbols. He’d never had the chance to study these particular symbols before, which always perked him up. Remembrance, family, and foresight is…interesting. He’d learned to equate, and interpret, the idea of family with familiarity.

Caidence M is a scholar, in his third session, nearing the completion of his available studies. With his advanced level of education, he was competently acquiring the requisites to gain entrance to the Great Halls of The Library, to further delve into a lifelong pursuit of that which he has passionate interest: history. Specifically, the history of a planet he’s come to understand was, or rather would be, called Earth.

While the university’s dataframes certainly could access and, as an immense network, stored nearly all of the galaxy’s rich information, records, and understanding, The Library offered a specificity of study, and an enriched depth of experiential holographic learning that the regular integrated dataframe systems simply could not. Not everyone was interested in that depth of study, but Caidence had known, since he was but three cycles of age, that this was what he was purposed to do.

What was most interesting to him, was learning about cultures, societies, and technically advanced species from many varied worlds, from across time, space, and dimension. He’d learned of numerous parallels and commonalities to his own society, and to life in the herenow.

M, as his home planetoid was known, was a manufactured entity, designed, from the infinitesimal to the extravagant, to be an energetically stable, self-maintaining superstructure. Designed by whom, Caidence was unaware. He was one of five-hundred-million citizens who habitated on M, which itself was one of many thousands of such planetoids, distributed throughout the galaxy.

The Library was on a planet at the nexus point, centralized in the galaxy, and protected. It was not directly accessible, and never had been in recorded history, according to what Caidence had learned. However, being of holographic construction, its entirety could be accessed through synchronous portals, created and maintained deep inside each planetoid, such as the one inside M. Scholars were simply required to be of acceptable accreditation and The Librarians, a benevolent artificial consciousness, granted them entry.

What values were vaulted, and what belief systems evolved, Caidence pondered, as his tablet continued its translations. The economies, ecologies, governments, education parameters, maths, sciences, militia and other rudimentary plannings were fascinating to him. And, Earth, he was discovering, would keep his mind rapt for many a term. He was curious to see how The Library would expand on the records he currently had access to. The variations seemed limitless.

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