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there’s no useful time spent on chit-chat, or trying to convince yourself, or others, that maybe, one day, when the stars align, and the tarot cards say so, you’ll begin.

we make time for all sorts of trivialities and utter bullshit. we produce endless average, mediocre, or just passable, empty-calorie filler – in every category. we are a generation – or three – of dabblers.

get on with it. master something, then something else, then something else… make your dent in the universe – and it’s not all about grand gestures or accomplishments. the ignorant man is raping the planet and “developing” every square inch of everything – to make more NOTHING.

don’t be/do that. elevate. fucking think!

writers always write. painters paint. woodworkers work wood. singers sing. mothers mother. fathers step up, and step in. designers break and re-break the mold. actors pretend, so to exorcise your deepest fears, yearnings, and curiosities. you, and i, BE. for real.

there is only now. once you truly grasp the essence of this, calendars and clocks and planning and sleep are irrelevant.

solvitur ambulando
love your life

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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