utterly ridiculous, and deeply damaging, this fear-based idea has infected our world in many different ways, none of them holistic and functional.

if it was true, why would the universe, god, creator, all-that-is have any need for the billions and billions and billion billions of individuated lifeforms, scattered across time and space and dimension?

the idea is a form of spiritual propaganda, not too dissimilar or distant from dying-out ideas of dysfunctional patriarchy and archaic misogyny. our incessant deific worship and hero idolizing has continually disempowered our intuition, emotions, innate sensibilities.

do you see the underlying isolation and separation attached to the ideas that we are “better off” or “stronger alone?”

these feelings tend to surface and develop in unhealthy environments and relationships. scrapes and minor wounds become scars without conscious attention and authentic communication.

we cannot be open and vulnerable when we feel unsafe; unable to voice our truth or to embody and express our values.

too often, we default to the defensive position, and immediately walls and barriers go up, and immediately we arm ourselves for the next assault.

they don’t care, so i won’t care. fml.

this has nothing to do with solitude. nor does it equate to putting up with or subjecting ourselves to harmful situations. quite the opposite.

we are stronger when we remember we are all-one. all of our fellow travelers have something to teach and to learn. all of them are variations of refractions and reflections and essential pieces to this cosmic puzzle.

we may certainly, at times, feel stronger alone. moments of recovery and repose and integration are essential.

but life will not leave us alone. through our family, friends, our beasts and nature spirits and guides in the unseen, we are loved and united.

solvitur ambulando

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