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there are three main challenges i’ve taken upon myself to explore in this lifetime. they revolve around money (flow, abundance, reward), relationship (connection, trust, intimacy, reciprocation), and meaningful existence (career, service, entrepreneurship).

they all, naturally, relate, interconnect, intermingle and entangle; ideas around money affect relationships and define approaches and parameters of what it means to have a meaningful existence; how we derive meaning in our lives informs how we delve and dive into relationships which gives weight and importance, or not, to money.

there’s no end to literature and guidance and information around these subjects that can and will keep us spinning in circles. inevitably, we will have to come back to our center and to heed our own intuitions and impulses.

if we’re of the type that prefers to inform, educate and train ourselves before taking action, we’re likely to get stuck for extended periods of time in the various schools of life. this can also leave us dependent upon the programs and conditions of those who came before.

if we prefer to dive in, to take action and to learn while in the process, we can stumble into successes, finding failure more quickly and thus learning and adapting organically throughout. this, too, can lead us astray, because life happens! and, it doesn’t ever stop.

the third option, is to take information as it presents itself, and to test and apply it, now – yet maintaining a perspective of un-condition, non-expectation, and inconclusiveness. it is about openness, and trust. this is quite contrary to how our world operates, generally; we’re addicted to polarity, competition, and results.

if we can grok that life is a constant, instant, interwoven energetic interplay, we can appreciate that our every focus, intent, and preference is perpetually attracting to us the data, the opportunities, and the events with which we can consciously make manifest our desires.

this is why i write about presence and authenticity all the time. we can expend enormous amounts of time, energy, and attention in directions that only test, strain, and stress our minds, bodies, and spirits.

yet, if we dare to connect with the heart of all things, with our core truth, and our deepest values, honestly and without judgement, we may save ourselves days, weeks, months, years and lifetimes otherwise invested.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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