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the duality and dichotomy of the everyday can keep us forever running…to get where exactly? you are here, now. practice the two-step as a way of existing harmoniously, and dwell on the artist you are – express, explore, create, be of service – not simply trudging through the rudimentary cause and effect of things.

look again….

to lose yourself

i recall several distinct moments in my life, as they revolved around music. it’s interesting what memories surface in random tangents to what may be on the mind at any given moment… when i was younger, we lived in a house that had a full, separate garage behind it, and my dad had at some…

it just shows up

one doesn’t go looking for their art as one doesn’t go looking for love it just shows up the work is in honing the rudiments refining skills communication and listening clearing and cleansing the mechanism but always and forever most of all opening the heart the truest space of the creative solvitur ambulando

our art

this blog, my arena of philosophical, spiritual, musical, and creative exploration, like me, is ever changing. last May, i decided to wipe it clean and start fresh. i still have mixed feelings about that, ’cause there was a lot of good shit in there! but, i was finding my voice, as it were, over the…


  as artists we love alone abhor lonely lonely implies a disconnect from the source the stream of inspirations the pulse of the creative alone is universal a unity a space to gather the nuances to dance with the flow lonely is forgetting a self-imposed punishment a discolouration and false alone we are all one…