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bloodletting truth is the pricker of thin skin; authenticity lets it flow. face your dark, beautiful self. embrace him. let her go. these shadows are echoes; stories and seeds long sown, now begins the new chapter, destination unknown.

the great debate


it’s tough to engage paradigm shifting dialogue when everyone comes into it believing they’re right. it’s an unnecessary, childish heaviness that’s ineffective and destructive, at best. to move forward as a collective, we have to temper the fuck-you, knee-jerk reaction, and ground our concerns in greater compassion, and heart-centered, active listening. it sounds basic, but…

cloak and dagger

a narrow path

it’s interesting the energies that can emerge when we’re in the company of others, especially our would-be catalysts; the masks that suddenly show up, the scripts that suddenly start running, the triggers that unravel, and the cognitive dissonance that can disrupt a basic conversation. afterwards, we might not even recognize that alien entity that just…