Tag: awareness

the practice of presence


it doesn’t always make sense to our linear programming, but somehow, it’s always working to our benefit. there is no wasted time, or energy, just our perception of it. choices move and motivate momentum, and whether we’re conscious of our movements or not, the pieces never stop structuring the cosmos of our environment and stimulating…

go beyond

tb in parksville

you can balance on the grand precipice through the boldness and courage of exploring and integrating all aspects of your wondrous spectrum; this, and that, dark and light, left and right. embrace the whole fucking story… knowledge is how to hold the brush. imagination is the artwork, the channel, the essence, the co-creator, the cosmic,…

the pervading dichotomy

strange planet

this place is remarkably beautiful and also remarkably sick the way we exist on the precipice astounds and amazes me. i, and many like me came back again to tell it like it is to shatter the bullshit to trance-send the lies to catalyze, initialize to instigate, investigate to expose the old ways and challenge…