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big things


have the audacity to be bold, and take the time to dream big. but here’s the thing: it has nothing to do with material gains. not in the grand scheme. we’ve been looking at things backwards in so many aspects of our reality and it’s time to make the shift. what’s big? what’s bold? love,…

chronic pain


the trap of specificity is its dependence on a very limited scope of potentiality. our desired results are entirely based on our current mindset and established beliefs, thus we benefit from becoming aware of the greater reasons for our wants. the broader, lighter, expansive perspective not only liberates our mind from the chronic pain of…

this old skin

this old skin

do we have to be rid of our demons before we can live a full life? the self-help, personal growth, “new” thought, awakening arena is primarily based on the premise there is something wrong with us. we’re taught from before we can reason and discern words and meanings until the day we expire that something…