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The Knowing

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

expansionyou will find yourself at a place, in a space, where prefacing a declaration with a disempowering notion such as “i wish…” is no longer effectual, or even comfortable.

you smile, with the knowing that precludes and overwrites any previous concept of wilful lack, powerlessness, weakness or woe.

instantly, it becomes “i am the wish…” and “i am the want; the desire…” and then “i am the question.”

the knowing demands a constant curiosity that cosmic co-creation engenders: what else is possible? how can i expand beyond this?

the knowing instills a supreme confidence and understanding, reintegrating all-that-is into your every day, every where, and every how and why.

let the knowing spiral you up and outward from those self-imposed barriers, constructs, constrictions, and limitations.


love your life,