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a day on earth

the forces of the universe support everyone, whether we like them, believe in them, despise them, fight them or love them….

disowning monsters

it really is time to uproot the most obvious of the unconscious designs and programs we continue to blindly perpetuate….

the future

the pervasive nature of our linear existence can be our greatest foe. we have conditions and restrictions here that grind against the very flow of life. granted, that contrast is how we chose to explore our everything, how we define this physicality, and how we determine the scope of our emotional spectrum. the future, tomorrow,…

the stumbling stone

it is the plight of the wayshowers to battle the winds of time, to clear the path for those who follow. there are no victims here; we choose our own adventure in every breath, between every heartbeat. when we opted for the skills and senses of uncommon and elevated, we invited the necessary process of…