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i’m listening again to Glenn Gould today, as a “focus” or “music for concentration” playlist on Spotify brought across classical vibes that somehow led me to Glenn’s repertoire….

being art

as artists, when we dawdle, we’re easily and quickly bored – or frustrated, and even defeated. the magic has a will and it will want to drive us deeply into the journey, but we have to take hold the reins and embrace uncertainty. i find if i immerse myself in something, i want all of…


you’re not helping, nor protecting anyone, by holding back, suppressing, stifling or filtering your raw, true expression. your tears are healing, cleansing. your anger is jarring, shaking, stirring, awakening. your love is uncommon, bracing, passionate, resolute. pleasantries are polite, but seriously, fuck off. the game of numbness and feigned ignorance – manifest as arrogance –…