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The Freedom of Missing Out

In truth, you never miss out on anything. Not ever. You may project onto someone or something a belief in a lack, want, or need that would be fulfilled, but that’s not the truth. The truth, is that you’re missing out on the power of now. You’re negating your happiness because of something outside of…

When it Burns

I was thinking the other day, while hiking around the smoky woods, how it’s a shame there are so many more fires these days, seemingly. Talking to my dad this morning, he reflected some of the same notions. I grew up in the interior of BC, and in the past 40 years, it’s pretty much…

The Fearful

We are so afraid. You can see the evidence everywhere: how we treat ourselves; how we consciously and unconsciously control and manipulate each other; how we raise our kids; how we treat employees; how we need lawyers; how we troll on social media, and how the vast majority of snap judgment is biased toward the negative and fearful….