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New Music: Gypsy Butterfly – Whispers of My Heart

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

whispers-artwork_600pxWhispers of My Heart is the new album by Carly Thomas, aka Gypsy Butterfly. It includes 8 new songs, and 3 pop/dance remixes from previous records, giving the album a unique sonic and musical twist.

Fans will immediately recognize the signature Gypsy Butterfly sound throughout, yet there is a distinct blend of styles that sets this album apart from her previous records. Produced once again by frequent collaborator, Trance Blackman – who performed all the instruments and background vocals – Whispers of My Heart continues and expands on Carly’s musical, emotional, and spiritual journey.

The record opens with the inspirational “Believe”, previously released as a single. The song was revised slightly for this album. The rest follow with Carly’s personal, powerful moments, gleaned from soul searching, life experience, and the natural side effects of going deeply within. Spiritual insights, meaningful messages, and romantic reverence delicately infuse each song, carried on the ever-present theme and foundation of love.

Listen to all the songs now at or her Bandcamp site, where the songs and MP3s (or your preferred audio format) are immediately available for download.

A music video is soon to be released, as well as a planned CD release party. Check back here for updates! Spread the word. :)