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New Music: Gypsy Butterfly – Whispers of My Heart

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

whispers-artwork_600pxWhispers of My Heart is the new album by Carly Thomas, aka Gypsy Butterfly. It includes 8 new songs, and 3 pop/dance remixes from previous records, giving the album a unique sonic and musical twist.

Fans will immediately recognize the signature Gypsy Butterfly sound throughout, yet there is a distinct blend of styles that sets this album apart from her previous records. Produced once again by frequent collaborator, Trance Blackman – who performed all the instruments and background vocals – Whispers of My Heart continues and expands on Carly’s musical, emotional, and spiritual journey.

The record opens with the inspirational “Believe”, previously released as a single. The song was revised slightly for this album. The rest follow with Carly’s personal, powerful moments, gleaned from soul searching, life experience, and the natural side effects of going deeply within. Spiritual insights, meaningful messages, and romantic reverence delicately infuse each song, carried on the ever-present theme and foundation of love.

Listen to all the songs now at or her Bandcamp site, where the songs and MP3s (or your preferred audio format) are immediately available for download.

A music video is soon to be released, as well as a planned CD release party. Check back here for updates! Spread the word. :)

Soul Survivor

Monday, September 7th, 2009

“Soul Survivor” is a song I released as a single, and is also featured on the Strange Daze EP. It features the backing vocals of Gypsy Butterfly.

In the late autumn of 2002, a friend approached me that worked in an office close the studio I was creating in at the time. She stopped me and asked: “You write songs, right?” I smiled and said “Yes”.

She went on to explain how she’d been hearing so many songs on the radio about losing someone. But nothing was helping her, as she’d lost her son in a car accident the year previous “just like that, with no warning”.

She asked, with watery eyes, if I could write her a song about someone like that; someone who’d lost somebody close, like a family member, suddenly.

“Soul Survivor” was the result. It “came to me” one day shortly thereafter while I was driving to town. By the time I’d returned to the studio, I – with an abundance of goosebumps – had the complete thing written and composed in my head. So, it was needing a channel, or an outlet.

I gave her the recording, with a warning to not listen to it while driving. She seemed to find it quite helpful, as the next time I saw her, she was noticeably lighter, and happier.

That kinda stuff makes me feel good about what I do.

Soul Survivor
By Trance Blackman

I was given no warning
I was given no chance
To say… good-bye.
And now all that remains, is the question: Why?

I awake in the morning
See your picture on the wall
It makes… me cry
But I know with some time, that I will get by

Only want to hold you once more
To tell you “I Love You”
Only want to see into your perfect eyes again…

‘Cause I am your soul survivor
You will never be too far from me
I am your soul survivor
Your memory will live on inside of me… always

So what awaits me tomorrow?
Should I go on with my life?
I’ll live for you…
Sometimes I hear your name, how I do miss you…

Now I laugh and I can sing
There is love still in my heart
And it makes me cry…
But I know you are safe, no regrets, no lie


©2002 Nothing So Right Music

Wander: Butterfly

Monday, September 7th, 2009

“Butterfly” is the 11th track from the original Wander album, and the 4th track on the Strange Daze EP (which features Gypsy Butterfly singing). The “Beyond Neptune Mix” is featured on the Wander… Another Path album.

I wrote this song for my good friend, and frequent collaborator Gypsy Butterfly, back in 2002. I think it captures her spirit pretty well, and it is one of my favourite little creations.

The song has a nice swing and flow to it, being born out of a quiet moment while driving the highways of British Columbia’s interior. She challenged me to create something on the spot, and so I did. This tune is the result.

by Trance Blackman

White butterfly dances free on the breeze
For a wandering heart goes anywhere it pleases
See the butterfly dancing soft on the wind
Searching for a bed of roses…

‘Cause I believe what I see, when I see you
It’s the deepest of understanding
Oh would you believe me, if I told you
That I believe in you…


‘Cause I see clearly now I see, these thoughts that were mine
Found a deeper understanding
Oh would you believe me, if I told you
That I believe in you…

Inst. Solo

Don’t believe the words uttered out of fear
Don’t believe it
You shall find, discover what it is I see in you…

REPEAT 1st Verse

©2002 Nothing So Right Music