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Take Me to the River

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

creeksidehonest introspection can be a tumultuous experience, but inevitably, it’s part of the course we signed up for prior to re-enlisting in Earth School.

also, time can be a clever trickster, giving us both a measuring stick, and a weapon of self-flagellation.

it all comes down to point of view, as ever. heart open.

we tend to be pretty hard on ourselves, having little patience and a lot of judgment. we forget that this is a game, but the critical fact is that everyone wins! everyone. our perspectives and ideas of better/worse, good/evil, black/white don’t really compute beyond this spacetime.

that’s all shiny, but where does it leave us when we come across an all-powerful “aha!” moment in our lives? usually, we’re quick to see it as having discovered yet another weakness or problem to deal with. that’s awfully loaded with unnecessary weight.

instead, what if we install an app-reciation to bookmark a personal achievement, affording us a chance to both unburden ourselves of the need to act upon, react to, or believe in something that no longer serves (integrating the lesson; turning the page) and to validate what has been – knowing it’s absolutely okay for it to have been there for us?

what if we smile instead of frown, knowing that even our awareness of this chapter is diffusing its effect on us, forever?

there’s a perfection to the process, if we allow for a moment to observe it, objectively. we’ve been aware of the game’s parameters all along, even if only unconsciously.

sometimes, there are especially profound┬ámoments of growth and self-discovery, such that we’re moved deeply, to tears. these can be the most beautiful, cleansing, releasing, and affirming moments, when the love unconditional wells up inside, and spills out of us.

the river of dreams will always flow. our boats are designed to allow us oars to paddle against, or to dare to lock them in place, sit tall, and ever be open to and excited about what else is possible…

love your life,

Situation (Unplugged Mix)


Saturday, June 14th, 2014

a walk in the cloudsin the arena of the esoteric, this is interesting, and revealing, to me:

for me, it connects dots, affirms and clarifies things.

namely, my observations, insights, music and lyrics… and this website! fascinating.

it makes sense to fit in with those who don’t fit in, as it were, hanging out for another go-round of a human lifetime to glean wisdom, experience, awakening, remembering, and a completion, of sorts.

it brings to my awareness ways i’ve dulled/numbed/conformed certain aspects of my natural tendencies over the years to try make the journey less bumpy now and then, which feels inauthentic and superficial.

don’t we all do that, though? adopt masks, stories, beliefs, and personalities to maintain some kind of illusion, within the illusion? hmm.

we live in a time of massive shifts, transitions, and energetic upheaval. these things are both scientific and spiritual, physical and most certainly that which is unseen and other-dimensional.

if you’re brave enough to still yourself, for real, you’ll feel it, although you may have been ignoring it, trying to go about all things business-as-usual, with perhaps an increased anxiety, or feeling of disillusionment.

it’s tough to hold on against the stream that flows from our deepest inner truth. perhaps it’s time to genuinely explore that some more.

we’re in a state of integration that’s a long time coming, but expected and anticipated. that doesn’t necessarily make it comfortable, yet that’s also by choice, when you think about it.

as ever, there is much more going on than most of us care to be aware of, lest our brains explode. concentrating our focus and efforts in all-things-3D is seemingly plenty of work and struggle. who cares about such fantastic notions as ascension?

while it’s a collective issue and concern, our individual minds allow for such an amazing variety and culmination of infinite perspectives and experiences, enriching everyone else.

my story informs your story, and your story informs mine. all the space between connects the consciousness divine.

time for a walk.

love your life,


Arson, as a Virtue

Friday, May 30th, 2014

take flightlight the fire. any bridges, boats, or bindings to the way you’ve always gone about it will hold you back, or slow you down.

free yourself to fully engage who you are here, now.

free yourself to elevate the game, and be open to soul-stirring surprises.

there are ups and downs, ebbs and flow. remember that you’re never really stuck in a moment, though appearances may deceive. step outside the construct and remember who and what you really are.

you’re an infinite, divine, focused individuation of consciousness, multifaceted, and magnificent.

just shut up and sit with that for a while.

your ego will want to judge, defend, label, constrict, pooh-pooh, discard, and disregard what is at its core fundamental universal truth.

so what? let it. laugh at the utter folly of resistance to love.

be courageous. light the fire.

love your life,

Burn It Down (The Divine Arsonist)