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Ask Big Questions

Monday, April 7th, 2014

MONK, by Djembe & Canvas

what can exist if there is no one to observe it?

time is not a constant.
space is not a constant.

consciousness is the only constant.


when you look behind you, what’s behind you now? sure, there’s a partial, entropic construct in your mind, based on your brief visual memory, expectations, experience, and assumptions… but the billions if minute shifts and changes, can you account for those?


we create(d) time to allow for the deliberate experience of the process. when “time flies” it’s simply a temporal disconnect, until such “time” you wish to reconnect with the collective, co-created, linear time construct… such as when you look at the clock. are we creating less and less time nowadays?


are we aware of past, long-believed falsehoods, expelled and revealed in the now? can you remember all the things you at one time believed to be real or true?


what if the universe expands at the rate at which our knowledge and understanding of it does? the farther we see, the greater the distance to explore…

we are in a constant, expansive give-and-take (read sharing/co-creating) with our surrounding reality, and the greater collective of co-creators; there can be no end to the universe, because there is no end to us.

i wonder…

love our life,

Walking” by Trance Blackman