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It’s Your Thing

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

20140524-P1060115if you have the means (and, having the idea, inspiration, or intuitive nudge is all you need to start) do “your thing” in as grand and satisfying a way as you can imagine to.

firstly, more and even greater opportunities will emerge (beyond your imagination, of course), and secondly, the repercussions and benefits of your passionate pursuit will spill over into the lives of those whom you care about, and beyond – in innumerable, immeasurable ways.

you change the world by daring to really be the real you. and, as you delve into the depths of what drives you, your capabilities, confidence, creativity, and countenance expand, allowing for more ease, grace, and presence – especially when the road occasionally twists or intersects with the unexpected.

life is dynamic, ever patient, ready-when-you-are, non-judgmental, open, and only knows “yes!”… all that other noise inside you is your own. so, own it! bring it along, but only use what it can teach you. allow the more relevant (true to you) ideas and beliefs overwrite and replace what no longer serves. you’ve been doing it all along! now, you’re just more aware of it.

the dance is always easier with practice…2…3…4…

love your life,

Nothing To Fear

Trance Blackman – Nothing To Fear

Potential Awareness

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

P1050242.RW2the issue isn’t about becoming more fully aware of our own potential.

the issue is that we are.

it’s what doesn’t let us rest at night. it’s what erodes an “okay” day into something barely tolerable. it’s what weighs on our minds when we’re toiling away, pushing forward in tasks, careers, obligations, routines and rigmarole that serves someone else, but always leaves us feeling empty, stuck, bored, apathetic, unfulfilled and incomplete.

what’s worse, is when we’ve gone so far as to train ourselves right out of trusting our intuitive impulses, our heart stirrings, and our higher truths. what remains are many questions, and the many variations of quiet desperation. we’re now fully in survival mode.

sure, you’re strong enough. but, life isn’t only about strength. that’s just a symptom of the idea of competition. true strength lies beyond effort, beyond force, inside the vast arena of surrender, and love. there, is lightness.

the body must adapt. it takes the cue and initiates protection mechanisms. our very cellular structure remolds itself: “we’ll keep you alive, dammit!” our minds mix the mortar, while our hearts prepare the bricks. shut it down, turn it off…

5, 10, 20, 30 years go by… gosh, where did the time go?

plans were made, plans were forgotten… sort of, but not really; it’s tough to let go when nothing on the horizon ever really looked promising. situations and circumstances arose, efforts were begrudgingly invested, challenges were faced, compromises were made, yet something still and always eluded us…

what if, wherever you are, whoever you are, however you are, is perfect? what if, now, you turn the page, and begin a new chapter? shift your point of view: yesterday, five minutes ago, thirty seconds ago, a single thought ago, is irrelevant; it only exists in your imagination. you’re reinvented with every breath! summon a new courage!

what if, instead of needing to know the outcome, and planning every detail, you’d take one small step – based on what’s immediately exciting, interesting, desirous; that which genuinely resonates – and remain open, without expectation as to results, to whatever may come? what if it’s either gonna be a passionate yes! or, forget about it?

unsettling! panic. anxiety. but…excitement! curiosity. wonder.

a door is open.

love your life,

What You Don’t Want Me To Say

Road Signs

Saturday, July 19th, 2014


roadblocks, hurdles, and speedbumps are omens; signal flares indicating that a shift in perspective is in order.

you’ve asked, desired, intended, now heed the signs and synchronicities, regardless of whether what’s presented itself gets labeled “good”, “bad”, or “wtf”.

love your life,