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pain is learning. love is wisdom.

it’s not easy to trust someone with your pain. nor is it worthwhile trying to convince someone to trust you with theirs. these things take time. often, we choose to jump to negative conclusions when we don’t understand or interpret well the actions of those we care about. in these times, more than others, it’s…

the waking life

we spend years building up the emotional dross, fumbling through existential struggle in search of a semblance of acuity in vision and mind. or, our arrogance carries us blindly for a time, rowing with presumptions and bold declarations, pretending not to be infected with entitlement on this oft shaky, tossed-about whitewater raft. the inner pendulum…

to be, and not to be

there are times when things can build up to a level of tension inside of us, that the blinders go up, the heart locks down, the stomach churns and ties into knots, and the brain, and body, just plain hurts….