Tag: noise

i’ll let you

… be an asshole, and
let your voice, and
your empty words
bounce around in the strained silence…


i’m always sensitive to sound, some days more than others. sitting in my new favourite café, i pause for a moment to hear: – the droning fridge, terrible bane of all cafés that sell cold drinks and eats; somebody please design something less pathetic and noisy. please. – the espresso steamer; acceptable – the banging…

one true voice

play on, you symphony of madness. blast the horns counter to the rhythm, rake the strings with angst and anxiety. pound the timpani with closed fists for all i care. you won’t slow me down now. i can hear the one true voice, resonant and solely relevant, regardless of your redundant crowd of dissonance. like…

in the end

when life comes to reclaim the raw materials, the choosing is done. we may have our wits, our memories, our stories and our lessons. we may have family. we may even leave a legacy. there’s much to decipher, decode and deliberate upon, while life is in constant motion. we mustn’t lose ourselves in the noise.

get back here, now

oh, but i wish it could be… yeah, if only it was… why can’t we… yeah, but… that’s how we’ve learned to kill it, time and again… the beauty of the moment, all the wonder of the then experienced, that somehow triggered a deep want, hurt, untruth, and pattern or practiced belief. we jump out…