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Remember, Remember…

Monday, June 17th, 2013

crashing wavesthere are many working, diligently, peacefully, patiently, in every dimension, industry, government, in ways that will benefit us all. they work with spirit, with nature, with light, with the flow of things…

there are those working against them, and the rest of us, and against nature, and the flow. this is entirely moot, fortunately, though it may at times seem otherwise.

remember, remember…

there are, and will always be more of the former, than the latter. we’ve defined these adversaries. we are these adversaries.

the power of peace, love, consciousness, and universal understanding can render any “weapon” inert, while concurrently re-minding the one who would wield it that there is no other. there is just the one.

there is no other. there is no there. here, now, one.

you be you, wholly.
you be the change.
you be love.
you be the force that elevates us all.

there’s nothing to fear.
love your life.
live your life.