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the full circle

everyone comes back to truth in their own time, in their own way. no one requires outside influence, preaching, or whatever contrived manipulation – most commonly under the guise of spiritual guidance, by those who may genuinely believe themselves as well-intentioned and benevolent – to steer them home, as it were….

turning pages

  every time you reread an old chapter of your life, you have the opportunity to glean new wisdom, relevant to the “now” you. you also have the opportunity to cut the ties that bind you to it, and to let the winds carry it away. it’s your book. solvitur ambulando, tb

scene: the second wave, part one

  This history is transcribed from a place beyond time, language, and mind, read the introduction, as it always did, and continued: However, for the purpose of remembrance, family, and foresight, records will relate at a current level of understanding so to benefit those who may be willing to hear, and to integrate. Goes with lightness, fortune’s song.  He frowned, then…

scene: outpost

a touch of sci-fi… Hmm. Tastes like chicken, he thought. Pureed, reconstituted, pasty… chicken. I guess it could be worse. He took another spoonful from the tin, examined it in the low light, and ate it. Rations weren’t ever inspiring, but today they were especially dreary. Sure, they contain all the goodness of a real…

scene: two parts

a chance, for romance? Big surprise, we’re in a posh little restaurant, she groaned to herself. Clara didn’t want to be there, but her friends had prodded her mercilessly, with terrible ideas of cats, and ageing disgracefully. Awful ideas, and I’m barely thirty years old! So mean, she thought. Regardless, she had relented. Xander had been…