Tag: thoughts

big things


have the audacity to be bold, and take the time to dream big. but here’s the thing: it has nothing to do with material gains. not in the grand scheme. we’ve been looking at things backwards in so many aspects of our reality and it’s time to make the shift. what’s big? what’s bold? love,…

contrast in light


the darkness, and the divine lightness are both requisite to the powerful, and beautiful of who and what we are. stripped bare; the circuitous nature of life. from purity, back to purity… a thought, a seed, a life, a story, a reaping, a cleansing, a seed, a thought… a choice.

the future


the pervasive nature of our linear existence can be our greatest foe. we have conditions and restrictions here that grind against the very flow of life. granted, that contrast is how we chose to explore our everything, how we define this physicality, and how we determine the scope of our emotional spectrum. the future, tomorrow,…